Bored at work.... Bring on the ban hammer

Cmon im bored and need some entertainment, Unleash that bad boy :smiley: we wanna see who has been naughty and wont make it to WoC



Im bored also, been on the forums to see the tears and it doesnt disappoint, good entertainment here :popcorn:


Personally I think they need to spice things up

Ban hammers should come 1 hour AFTER CRW/WOC starts.

and that the player banned remains in the faction but cant play for the duration

This will stop factions who use Hacks on different systems to help further their faction and legit account (some of us know who does these types of things)

also means cheating factions cannot re-add another hacking account to repeat the same procedure and that they are now at a disadvantage

(i understand that there are many factions who unknowingly add players and 100% legit does not know that they hack) its unfortunate but also have won better rewards because of these

ban hammer during events!!! FTW


I remember them doing it one time a long time ago. I think it was before they came up with region transfers.

oooo this appraoch would be interesting and fun at the same time

Who is gonna be the next VKtory and get thanosed

No ban now

for the alliance

I definitely like this idea! That way factions that keep cheaters are actually punished versus just replacing the players that get banned with merges and such. Then being allowed to continue on like nothing happened.

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