Booted from beta

Um… ok… is this because I was able to get into it when it was open for like 5 minutes in December? lol

I dont know if this is the same thing but everytime an new version is being beta tested i get locked out of beta for weeks and weeks. I am only able to acess the beta region after the update goes live. Ive contacted “customer service” about it and they do nothing. Good luck bro

Thats because u must have got the link to join beta from a different soruce (faction mate/internet) not threw normal means. So ud need to download the update somewhere else to get in now. But once the next update for all players comes out ur beta regions will come back if u wait. There are risks to doing this bugs and what you.

Basically there’s data on the beta region when a new update is available for beta users that isn’t compatible with previous versions of the game. Have to prevent people from going to a region that’s just going to have problems if they access it.

Batman booting folks from beta like

I had zero link to join. I have requested and never gotten anything. But one day, all the beta regions where open and I joined like 4 of them (lol) before they closed them again.

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Here too. Would I be able to get back on Beta if I try to download the game somewhere else (Bluestacks, for instance)?

You’d need to be signed up for the beta.

You can apply to the Beta Group Below:

Testers are added based on our testing needs and there’s a pretty big backlog of people waiting now. Beta is Android Only

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If you join beta and And if you play apple and android, you just lose access on the apple device until official release is available

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I play both, lost access on both. But, I was never “invited” lol. I joined to what I believe was a glitch that had them open to everyone for like 5 minutes.

@kalishane, so… since I was technically “in” the beta I should be able to skip the list since I have a level 20 character right? :slight_smile: lol

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