Booted and told to update, but there is no update


As said above. I was hooted, told to update but there is no update. Attempted a reinstall, and came thing. @JB.Scopely Help please!


Assuming you are a Beta User, clear the Data on your Google Play Store App.

Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Data

Depending on your OS version, Clear Data may live in the “Storage” tab / section.


There was an update for me.


No update here


No update here either, and clearing data from play store didn’t help


Beta user… Got update


That doesnt work. Im gone 6 days now.


This is only a Beta Update - If you are not in Beta and were booted please let me know.


Yea i was. Joined another region, not transfered and continues to boot. Effpain- / miss murder inc/ albert. @Shawn.Scopely


not only have beta testers received updates, many of my friends have also received an update even though they are not beta testers!


Cleared data, checked for update, still can’t get in. @Shawn.Scopely


I’ve done that about a 100 times but I still have faith.


@DiMaSiK - Nothing has been released outside of Beta. What update did your non-Beta friends claim to receive?

@Halflyng - If you’re on 14.0.0 and kicked out because you do not have 14.0.1 there isn’t much I can do unfortunately. Everything on my end indicates the build has propagated successfully.

@effpaiN - Not seeing anything in the error logs I have access to. I suggest reaching out to support.


I did 5 days ago and it was pushed to account specialists…and here i sit with still no clue what is going on :sleepy::sleepy:


im in beta too, got an update , got in the game and kept playing. whats the problem?


Apologies I have no influence on the Support Queue or how tickets are handled. From what I do have access to I cannot see any specific issues that would be locking you out of the game.


they said the game has been updated, but nothing has changed!


I double checked all the platforms and nothing has been pushed Live in terms of a game update. Either your friends are in Beta and don’t realize or they might be confused.


maybe they took the fix for the update?!


So first I get a message to update, no update available. Now I’m getting a save data incompatibility message.