Boot Camp Bonus Stage 6 - low XP

Apart from the big 20000+5500 bonus you get to complete stage 6, the stage itself gives away just 1408 XP, while Easy stage 6 gives 2898XP for 3 energies and Hard stage 6 gives 5886XP for 4 energies.

Not to mention worldmap 16.1 with 8 energies gives 4700 XP points.

It sounds to me broken @JB.Scopely


Thats what I thought. The bonus level is literally only for the bonus xp you get for completing. I’ll have to actually look at the numbers again and see if it’s really worth the extra energy to run. Otherwise I’ll just go back to running hard stage 6 over and over.

The bonus stages give much higher completions, hard is where farming should be. The bonus level should be a one time run for completion.

I will say the mislabeling is misleading as that stage it usually labeled “hard” or “extreme” when red, maybe a different color for the “bonus stage”

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It’s not worth it even for the one time bonus XP - 46300 for 48 energy, where you can get 70632 by running the last stage of hard 12x times for the same energy cost. It’s like someone missed out a decimal point or something.


Thank you for doing the math. I’m far too lazy today

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Me tiNk Maff is hUrd. :smirk:

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