BOONE server. Need help regarding UnionPay Error 300,001

Please fix the issue with UnionPay error 300,001.

I presume it’s a Chinese issue and not a global issue.

I know you’re busy, but if it’s only because of China, could u just give me that answer and I will never bother u anymore.

Plz help me to solve this problem which bother me for almost one month, and let me buy the new premier and so on. Thx a lot.

Contact your Apple/Google/Amazon support this issue has nothing to do with Scopley

Thx for ur immediate reply. However, I just hang up the phone with Apple customer service and successfully purchase other game with my UnionPay. Moreover, Apple customer service said they didn’t find any problems of my Apple ID. Therefore, they said this was the walking dead road to survival road game’s problem. Could u help me to solve it? I would like to re-order the premier with UnionPay. Thx a lot.

Don’t share your account code remove that screenshot , try contacting in game support see what they can do but when i had that specific error it was something wrong with The payment information

Ok then. Thx a lot

Just search the forum for that error. It has been reported at least a dozen times with no apparent resolution.
When I faced the issue earlier, I tried talking to Google support but they said it’s not an issue at their side.
I just know this error keeps on happening and it usually dis appears after a day or two. Beyond that it’s just scopely and the providers blaming each other and refusing to help.


Have you tried using a VPN? Not sure it could help, but I recall someone (was it @CLIFTON87?) mentioning that purchases don’t work in China unless connecting via VPN

Aye it was me. Google Play purchases don’t work without a VPN maybe the same with Apple. Also the loading parts are significantly faster when a VPN is on.

Are you a Chinese national or a Foreigner in China?
Many, many services outside China that accept Unionpay won’t accept Unionpay cards unless you are a Chinese national (the error message translates as Mainland Chinese). You’ll find this with Alipay and Wechat pay too - if you are not a Chinese national you won’t be able to use those payment methods outside China in places which have them (eg HongKong, Thailand, Singapore etc).
For Google Play I have to use my English card as it won’t accept my Standard Chartered UnionPay card.

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