Bonus Missions not accurately keeping track

Hey @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin I did a 40 pull specifically to get fast Wayland from the bonus missions and it didn’t show that I had pulled at all

Anyone else have this issue that just updated their game?

Did you spend?

You should have known better and tested the water with a single pull. It is scopely after all


All Missions are broke. Weekly Fction Mission are just all by yourself

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The weekly missions for the figurine didn’t reflect my weapon upgrades i did thid morning

Can you please send me your account code via PM and the Bonus missions tracker that is not working correctly?


GR is the ascend 5 toons a mistake

PMed you

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I think they don’t count bc they were started before the event??
I had the same thing happen were it didn’t count.

I also think it’s really a dumb completion and I would imagine the majority of players won’t be able to complete. Since failed weapons is the norm and probably don’t count.

@Lostboy1 I think they want impatient people to rush to complete that mission by ascending 4 stars before the character pools change.

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I did 4 15 minutes upgrates. Very lowest tier after the missions had shown up. Specifically for that but they didn’t count

Last 3 i did yesterday, today I did game update and now it doesnt count. 0/20 mods upgrades but i did much more today

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PM GR if you guys have the same kind of mission issues it seems like it’s a common issue with the new update

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I did a 40 pull as well this morning and don’t have any bonus rewards. The museum is tracking I have 868 ice creams, but the bonus rewards aren’t. Uploading: BBF28E43-6A59-41E2-8667-038C6B31C2AC.jpeg… Uploading: B96B173E-2F4E-416B-8140-7414CFDA8B02.jpeg…

PM @GR.Scopely your account code and the screenshot he’ll forward it along

SC missions not registering comics collected either. Yes, DM sent to GR.

Thank you. I even sent pictures lol

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I sincerely hope so because I don’t want to waste medals and resources on toons I’ll never use.

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Yep the missions are busted I ascended my 2 priya and only one counted.