Bonus missions - Character for 40 pulls

The last two bonus rewards missions (prior to today’s refresh) has a bonus character for 40 pulls on the premium wheel. First Jessie, then Wayland. Characters that were useful for the dual specialist museum collections (and even in their own right, wayland is far better than Leon imo).
I was looking forward to seeing what new toon there was today, but instead you have changed the prize structure and there is nothing avaiable for 40 pulls (some mixed mods at 30 and some 5* tokens at 50 pulls. To get the character (Harlan or Ryker) you have to make 120 pulls. 3 times the last character. This also just so happens to be the second of the pair needed if you had pulled Jessie/Wayland previously.

TLDR why do you have to be such underhanded money grabbing P.O.S?

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I still haven’t even gotten my Wayland I paid for because of their bugged update after about a week of waiting so that should show you how much it’s just about the money

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