Bonus items from 40-pull 👎🏽


The bonus items for completing $100 worth of promo pulls need an overhaul. A few hundred tokens aren’t going to help anyone get the 6* they’re pulling for to a place where they’re usable. Trainers, Benedicts, and/or gear bags make way more sense, and seem like appropriate bonuses for someone who just dropped $100.

Anyway to add this to the “to do” list? Thanks!


I think they are considering 82.500 coins pull for special premiere 6* wheel with 1 guaranteed 6* in 40. I can’t wait to see how many will try it, it is def good deal, def special.


US$1,000 for ONE special premier 6*?

Are we back to the old “chance” wheel pre-ascension where the average was one 5* per three big pulls?


Yes, but with great odds of getting one 6* (random, probably jessie) , cause special for special. I think it is great deal and can already name 5-6 people who will go for it. I mean whoever spends 4-500$ for promo pull with guaranteed 5* would without problem would add few bucks to get to “el grande mega delux numero uno” pull for new pokemon.


Keep this on topic please. I appreciate your sarcasm as much as anyone, but it doesn’t always read.


'Member when 5* where bonus rewards


Exactly. Bonus items are another aspect which have not been scaled to account for ascendance.