Bonus heal question

How does bonus heal work? For instance, when healed, +80% HP. Extra health on health bar?

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It applies from healing, healing over time and bonus HP. Whenever healed, the character weilding such weapon with that stat will have their HP bar replinished almost completely if the heal is 20% or more of their base health.

As for Bonus HP, the blue bar fills up further in comparison to characters not using weaponry with the same stat. Let’s say the Bonus HP is applied as 30%. That character with that weapon stat will get 50-60% extra blue health points.

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Bonus HP gives you a new health bar (blue). It starts at 0 each battle and only shown when bonus HP has been applied. It has a max possible bonus hp equal to your regular hp gage.

Bonus hp itself does not heal any of your normal health bar (red). Often toons have rushes with hp + bonus hp that affects the health bars independently.

Only thing to note is, Bonus hp can be bypassed by bleed, burn, and maim damage as these effect normal hp.

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