Bonus AP on Defending


“When a character takes damage the formula is kind of complex, but in simple terms, the higher a percentage of their max HP they take in damage, the more AP they will gain. Weapons that improve this effect lower the percent thresholds per AP point.”

Is it possible for us to see this formula please? I’d really like it because it would tell me what’s going on better than any words would, so I’d be grateful if anyone could provide it.


No Complicated Formula. Experiments done by Oger and Friends.1529481884351


Sorry, could you explain a bit please? By AR do you mean the adrenaline points required for the rush to activate, or do you actually mean the adrenaline points received by a single hit? Also how is the %damage measured (0.1 for 10% of the damage I’m guessing)?

Basically what does that last column of the table mean?


Apologies for taking so long to reply.


With no AP bonus on taking damage, the rule is for every percentage point of damage you take, you’ll gain 0.5 AP. Example: A toon has 2200 HP. They take 1100 damage. They lost 50% of their health, so they gain 25AP.

Now, that same toon has a weapon ‘huge AP on taking damage’. That same toon with 2200 HP takes 1100 damage, but they gain 50*1.3 = 65 AP.

Edit: to fill in the blanks, the multiplier for small is 0.7 and for large is 1.0.


@Achilles2684 I have a video where I talk about it in depth and show a very easy to read chart so that you can take the number into your own hands. This is the most accurate chart I have found so far is in this video.


Firstly can I say thanks to @LadyGeek and @Trollypolly for your replies. Haven’t been able to do so since I’ve been away for some time.
LadyGeek your response cleared up everything for me.
Trollypolly I have some thoughts on your tables, which you don’t have to listen to if you don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t get me wrong it’s great that you did the testing, but if you invert your figures to format it in the way it is shown in the topmost table in the thread (i.e. AP/%dam), it comes out pretty much the same anyway, which leads to two points I will raise. The first of which is that it doesn’t make any sense to me for the game developers to code with non-round numbers. Why use 1.247 instead of 1.25 for a huge bonus on defence? Secondly since these are empirical figures, they’ll be based on the two significant figure AP counter you see during duels. This means you shouldn’t really be listing your results to any more than 2sf also.
Having said this it was a useful video, as I noticed a discrepancy in the very large bonus to ap on defence and having conducted my own tests can confirm my results agree with your figures, equating to a 1.1 rather than 1.15 multiplier. If I feel like doing more tests I will look into whether your (for example) 1.247 is more accurate than the 1.25 multiplier, although I doubt it very much.
I am of course only referring to the AP when defending part of your video, this was the only part I watched (sorry :stuck_out_tongue: ) as that was the area for which my understanding was lacking.

So overall, thanks and those are my thoughts! :slight_smile:


I am glad the video helped you out Achilles! :smiley:

Oh and no worries I would have done the same thing too in terms of what part of the video to watch as defending AP seems to be a bit of a mystery when AP When Taking Damage is applied to it.