Bolt Cutters and Crude Bronze


Unlike Shirts and Gloves there is no easy way to obtain these items and for me at least are my limiting factor on the armoury,
Each hardened spikes requires 11 crude bronze to craft, and as a defender upgrade requires 4 of these and 4 grips you need 56 crude bronze per upgrade attempt, with no easy way to farm these as the workshop roadmap may only drop one or 2 at a time if your lucky meaning you can spend upward of 168 energy minimum for these items which is extremely inefficient and annoying, considering the need to farm for other items like shirts and gloves ect
My request is simple would you be able to edit the workshop roadmaps so that bronze and bolt cutters drop in larger numbers like shirts and gloves do on Thurdays


When I was struggling to find these, I farmed one of the roadmaps, I think it was materials or parts or something. The one that nobody ever farms because it’s useless


Yeh thats what i mentioned here, its extremly inefficient as there not even guaranteed to drop hence why i suggested for it to be changed to like gear map as nobody uses any of the other parts it drops


Yes! Workshop, that’s it. It sucks and the rate is garbage, but it’s the best drop rate in game. There are also a few scavenger missions that drop materials like that


Must be an RNG problem because some players in my faction are always low on cutters/bronze while the rest of us have the same amount of everything. (Either a lot of everything or low on everything)


I think it depends a lot on who is crafting parts to make specials vs who is disassembling more weapons and getting them that route


You can’t get crude bronze from disassemble bud


Aren’t also people selling them for food? For me, I haven’t sold any, but neither do I craft weapon parts often, so I have 9k and 13k of both.


I’m aware. People use bronze to craft weapon parts. If you disassemble weapon’s and get parts, you don’t use bronze to craft those parts. See what I’m saying?


Ah got ya


I disassemble weapons all the time, but we’re only talking a few silencers or hard spikes here and there. I have to craft parts every couple of weeks.

Just like Walkies/Schoolbags my inventory will have 50 silencers but 7 laser sights etc…

I also sell any/all items down to about 300.

But these don’t seem to be direct causes of me having 300 bronze (and everything else) and others having 0 bronze 0 cutters yet normal levels of everything else?

I hear complaints that brronze drop was nerfed, yet I see it on 13.5 every day. I also get bronze on SR and every SR event.

Maybe we need a mega-thread “How Much Bronze Ya Got?”