Bluestacks, ban or no


Exactly what the title says. Fac mate asked if bluestacks is a violation of TOS and a bannable offense, I’ve received different answers from different people. If anyone could please answer, I’d appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance :blush:


You are allowed to run android emulators to play the game, but you are not allowed to run cheat engine behind it.


Thank you! Everyone ive asked has just given reasons as to why it should or shouldn’t be banned, and not the actual answer. I appreciate it!


I was told by Scopely that it is not. I asked them because I use it at work so that I can play while I work… lol.


Awesome you guys rock :blush:


i run multiple emulators such as Nox, memu and bluestacks in different games none banned.


ANDROID smart phones? BAN or NO?
it doesn’t matter what device you play it on… it depends what cheats you run on the device to fix numbers to your favor.