Blues Badly Need A Weapon Buff

Reds and greens have stun, and yellows have blocking. The best weapon stat blues have is impair. I haven’t seen a single great blue team during the 6* era. It’s obvious that impair needs a buff yet there still hasn’t been one. Can any of the developers tell me why?

Double attack is a really niche special stat…

And it’s not about whether you think impair is effective or not. It’s about impair not being as good as stun or AD.


Double Attack with the right stats on the right toon on the right team with the right lead skill can mean devastation. I will never forget that JABG video about 6⭐ Alpha on a 6⭐ Dwight team just cleaving through the enemy team doing massive amounts of damage to multiple enemies on a single turn. Made me fell in love.


While you can just put stun on any toon and that toon could mean devastation. Alpha would also probably get wiped out on the 1st turn.

You do realize that not every person I raid has stun or anything else except bonus defense or the stock stats on their weapons, right? It gets a little repetitive when people act like everyone is like them and talks from their perspective.

Are you trying to argue that double atk is as great as stun?

That’s because it is. It hits hard.

Not even remotely close. Stun is the best weapon trait in the game bar none. Double attack on defense says “Hey kill me first.”. Sure it’s really nice in Dwight or Ty’s hands on offense but I would take stun over it any day.

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Once double attack procs, even if he ends up getting stunned you’re left with a dead red. He can be a punching bag if you want but that’s still a dead red.


They will never get a chance to launch their ar. If I cant kill them t1 I have active confuse, impair, impair, or stun waiting for them t2. Have your faction mates attack your squad and let me know if he gets his ar off. Double attack is wasted on defense.

Uh, never argued for defense. I was speaking for offense.

This is what I said and you responded directly to me. So I clearly am talking about defense. Read the complete sentence next time.

Any blue with any weapon will take out Mira pretty fast. Don’t need double attack for that.

Heres also a big problem with double attack vs stun on defend. If you launch Dwight at someone with the stun gun and it hits you just lost your 2-4th attacks. Stun shuts everything down for two turns. When impaired you can still do a basic attack, command, or use an active skill. When confused you can still get a hit off on an opponent or even if your Zeke hits one of yours you can still drop 2 shields. Nothing beats stun.

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double atk is useless on def an easy turn one kill who ever has it

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I would like to remind you all that I rarely encounter teams with all reds running stun guns. Maybe one in a dozen for one person with it, but it’s rarely common for me. So hypothetically speaking, if I did a 10 pull when 6⭐ Alpha is one of the promoted legendaries and got her, get her a sizable level on T2, managed to get Double Attack on a Violent Shotgun with +30 crit, and put her on my Mirabiker team, it would be easy for her to slay an S2++ team running two reds with stun guns. If the reds are near anyone else, Alpha’s Collateral Damage II combined with the attack increase from Mira and her high attack stat can make easy work of them if it goes off on the non-red. 100% of the damage to 3 adjacent enemies. One hell of a specialist. And if I don’t encounter stun guns in raid, instant win. After all, stun is the best according to some of you. So if you don’t have it, disadvantage right?

I like Double Attack and Impair on Attack very well myself…

Like I was trying to say, your team is pretty badass.

I’ll be honest- I personally like the blue weapons the way they are. I’ve run mostly blue toons since the beginning. Double attack, attacking with stronger trait, and impair is good for me.

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So your past the nerf stun and absolute defense now?

Anyways I think AP down and impair should block actives. Would put them on a more level playing field.

That’s why you should active stun/confuse before attacking anyone with stun on defend.

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Of course I do that. I’m not the one with the problem. ModernSpartan is the one saying that double attack is better than stun.

This was my response back to him. Clearly attacking someone with stun with Dwight is not a smart move or anyone else for that matter. When facing a windoless defense I would rather take a shot at the ab def or impair toon over stun.

For reasons I clearly already outlined.