Blue Tyreese. Can you buff him a little

Dear Scopely,
Can you buff blue tyreese a bit. Only his rush. Can you make it 76 instead of 85.
It will help all f2p communities




Um no it wont help anyone


Just use a 20% ap weapon he will go r2 or r3 without command. Use vet rings on him and u should be set.

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Trash even with 76 ap


just use cheats and you will be fine

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That’s a pretty broad brush you just painted with.
I still see him in raifds and in war so some people may benefit. I don’t see it happening but some people would benefit if it did.

Not broad what so ever you’re seeing newer players put an atk toon on def nothing new there he sets off payback he sets of bribe and does fuck all to S toons dropping his ar cost won’t help what so ever

Just like bitching for legacy toons are now fucken pointless too.

It will help some people, maybe not you but newer players it could help. Not everybody sees a team full of S class or even pay back and bide. But your opinion is just that your opinion other people are allowed to have theirs. I hope you have a good day you seem very angry so I hope whatever bothering you get better.

And you sound just like kook…

I think he’s young. He also said bribe instead of bide which really gave me a chuckle for some reason.

I agree and I giggled as well

Might aswell put decap sandy in 5 star tokens if you want kill anything…

Ty going need more then ar drop barely to do anything. could not even kill a negan with %50 atk boost lmao… Dont see how dropping his ar going to help. fucken around on friendly duels

better off with regina

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Once again it may help out the original poster. You are not the only person in the game there are people that are new. Just because you are super elite and have the best of everything doesn’t mean everybody else does.

It will help all f2p communities not just the op… might help reading it all.

You can give him 20% AP rifle plus huge bonus when attacking and 35 attack. And then play him off with a command toon like Siddick.

He has done 8k to pete granted i have priya but hes still pretty good imo.

They h8 us

Better off with tobin or Blue morgan