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I have installed app “Blue stacks” due to I can install games in Google Play. And I have installed The Walking Dead. It created for me new account, but I have already had it. In my account I am connected to Facebook, but I didn’t see this how to log in using this connection, only using e-mail which I didn’t add to my account. Can I add e-mail to my account in phone?

What should I do to log in in PC with my account, which I use in my mobile? Give me steps, please. Or maybe is it impossible?

Since this is through bluestacks emulator, I’d try downloading the mobile version for facebook for bluestacks, log into it and while it’s running open the game to log in with facebook/sync option.

It is emulating a android phone platform so in theory, it should work.

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In Blue Stack there isn’t Facebook’s app :frowning: im trying to search it, but it fails
So i can’t do it

Will our (great) support help me?

No, Scopely support won’t help with emulators. Sorry.


You’re probably looking in the wrong place, you got to access the google play store and do your search within that app.

It is there.

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I wrote to them and got anwser, maybe they will do something?

If not, there is nothing to do?

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that is one thing to keep in mind with scopely support.

With having issues with the game it could be easily resolved by the team if done on a normal platform such as a phone, phablet or tablet.

When it comes to emulators, they have a tendency to conflict with the coding of the app and the problem would be too complex to find the underlying issue. when it’s just normal platform, its either the platform or the game.

When it comes to the emulator the problem could be with the pc/laptop, the emulator, and the game.

Also the use of an emulator is frowned upon as well for the not so nice players trying to exploit/cheat with external programs.

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Try Nox. It works fine.

Haven’t used bluestacks in well over a year but NOX is 1000x better than it. Game runs perfectly fine on it and when you properly link your account to facebook you can go back and forth from the emu to your real android device with ease.


I think i had to delete twd app within stacks to make my propper account load.
If it wasnt that i think it was a reinstall of stacks.

When you use bluestacks for the first time it will create a new account for you within the walking dead road to survival. You have to complete the tutuorial and then go to options and then link with facebook. It will ask you to login to your facebook account and then from there it should switch to your main RTS account.


I did it, transfered. But I think that I can play the same account in PC and phone, and it isn’t…

Yeah you can play your same account on both pc and phone. But not at the same time. When you transfer your account to pc, it transfers the new account to your phone. When you want to play on your phone you have to transfer it back through the options menu. Just keep transferring back and forth everytime you want to switch devices.

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