Blue revive Carl collection


What’s the deal with this collection? There’s no more timer on it. Is this a permanent collection or are people who pull a little here and there going to get screwed out of it as it magically disappears? @JB.Scopely


I was wondering the same about this don’t know if I should start buying the crates or not


I love my Carl


Yeah he looks solid his lead skill certainly is beautiful


Yea but you need a solid forty Supreme bags to get him. They only sell twenty at a time soooooooo


They reset every 24 hours


how much does that cost though


Worst case scenario if you pull no other coats, it’s 20,000 coins.


Oh okay. Awesome. Do you know if it’s permanent


Love my Carl too


i hope not because the jackets are used for 6* Lilly in the future


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