Blue radio and free daily pull

I signed up for the free 7 day trial and received andrea in the mail. I can not access the blue radio or free pull. When I click either it takes me to the sign up page for survivors club. If i try to click the sign up button again I just get an error saying I’m already signed up. What should I do?

Unsubscribe and run!


I want to at least be able to use the 7 day trial

Some legendary tokens and other random rewards in the roadmap plus 7 free pulls…I think I do

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I cant! Shits broke.

It’s in offers…

If i click it it takes me to the sign up page again and then gives an error

Canceling the subscription actually fixed it. Not even kidding.


Just use the 7 day trial, then cancel on the 7th day so your account can proceed to the monthly charge to be in the club. Its worth it. Just read all the lovely posts about how much the community enjoys the club so far, and did I mention how awesome Andrea is?

I can gift you my four stars from the 7 pulls. It’s not that exciting

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You can cancel it right now and remove your credit card as well. You still get to use the entire free week.

Wonder what happens when they try to charge you put there is no longer enough credit in the ITunes store.

itll probably attempt to process the transaction with whatever method you linked to when signing up, when it sees that you dont have the appropriate funding to cover the sub itll promptly drop you from sc. it wont leave your apple/google account in the negative, youll just not be able to use sc privileges anymore.

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Happens to me to on my iPad.

**4 stars or better

Pulling one at a time or in 10s doesn’t change the outcome

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