Blue morgan with follow up and human shield leaked!

Might he be on the next promo?


Raiding with dante…why?


Not my screenshot mate

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Obviously needs dante two toons dead.


who use morgan on defense? is a suicide


Should have brought a guardian 2 in instead but :man_shrugging:

Why are you talking about how this guy raids?Look at that f*cking bug


Wtf is going on here… That blue Morgan already exist and isn’t a human sheild… I call shenanigans

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“Nothing to see here, all is working as intended” - scopely


Hey I raid with dante with the heal revive and bonus defence he can be really good in an offensive team


They meant it’s another Blue Morgan with Follow Up and also Human Shield (as a joke obviously, though you just gotta look at the screenshot).

Coinz set. Ready to pull.

Kate is better then Dante imo

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i raid with eric

I use use to raid with ericka till i found its better and faster having a 5th atk toon …but if it works for u oh well

dont have a ranged human shield. when i raid with eric its an experiment and im having fun with it.
I got eric, solange, koa, green heath, and blue dwight. The one that does 425% damage to a line of enemies. Takes pretty good care of most ranged teams

you dont need a shield just use g2 , i used spencer lead with gov, g2 zeke, blue ty, and red jeremiah

yeah but all my damage comes from heath. If he is hit twice without a guardian shield he is dead. He can take 3 hits with a shield but all i need him to do is go off so he needs to stay alive for 2 turns. Its all around better to just use a human sheild to keep him alive instead of depending on a guardian shield. @Apex98