Blue Morgan (Maim) STILL BUGGED after upate!

I know I saw JB comment specifically on this bug that was created in November, and how it was fixed in the new update.

Still is broken to me, same damn thing is happening… what happened?

Nothing happened.


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What did you expect, honestly?

This is just another thing on the list of things JB announced but did not come true.


They can’t even put out an ascendable list that does not even require a programmer to code, so don’t expect anything more out of them.

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I tend to think of a certain letter… Oh all the promises they’ve broken…


Love how people paid for this and its game breaking lol and you all just settle

This is grounds for a refund.
I don’t even own Morgan, yet i was able to get a refund on him.
Just send over your payment receipts and show these forum posts and they’ll refund you.

@gargamol could you please reach out to me with further details so I can have it checked?

Many thanks


Teehee like the checks that should of gone out making sure said fix fixed said issue.

I know crazy ass shit.

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So we know what toons are coming

People will complain if there isn’t a list either

having a great toon and not being able to use him and then wait almost 4 months for an update where he will be part of the dying meta phase … i think Scopely needs to bring something better to the table for this.


got him on the first day of his promo introduction, i was the one who found the bug and reported it on here

Got him aswell and I’m also pretty pissed about how poorly this is handled.

I have 2 of him. Got one on the first day of the original promo. Went back for seconds at a later date figuring that they would resolve any issues quickly. They were quick to deball Michonne. I guess development only works against the playerbase.

Some issues can be fixed via server side push (amending the game data) but in this instance, Morgan (MAIM related issue) did require a client update to have it fixed in full.

The issue was shortly before the holidays, and after a fresh client was pushed out. As per our update roadmap, we’re about to finally push the client update taking care of the issue, which is expected in the next few days now.

Thanks for your patience. Morgan will soon shine once more!

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