Blue Morgan fixed yet

Is this character fixed yet? Nothing better than having the game freeze when attacking walkers or humans in roadmaps and survival road.

Afraid to use him in raids because it could glitch there too.

Scopely going to refund everyone the money their spent on a character that they cannot use?

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I was wondering why It was freezing up

Yeah it has been broke since he was released. Fun times… have lost so much energy using him in the Parts roadmap, SR. Of course, there is no compensation for the issues with the game when using him.

in case of scopely , no hope😑

Why do you bother…

He trolls every thread


Thanks again for the report.

This is still being worked on, and the issue has been identified and isolated: the freeze happens due to a miscalculation of the MAIM damage inflicted. The last enemy being taken out by Morgan, not being considered actually dead, due to the damage discrepancy, is the root cause of it.

As this fix requires a client update, and with the ‘holiday freeze’ coming up, where no one can submit a new game update for a given period, it will be likely fixed early next year.

Thanks for bearing with us.

i am a lot more constructive on this forum than you. I actually play the game and identify problems or fixes or even bonuses in the game that help people and i talk to a lot of players and help them with the game or their rosters. what do you do except criticise on here


Thank you very much for the update.

Thank you for the reply and explanation.

Unfortunately you have forgotten to mention the compensation. I spent money to get Morgan, yet he doesnt work properly.
I have spent money to buy energy cans which I have lost because of the freezing up.

Will Scopely be issuing compensation or will this be ignored?


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