Blue markers Red Markersand Kites

You had two maps and gone again. If you keep offering theses character needed to get Axel and Roxi. Keep putting them out there so we can actually have a chance to use them, or complete them as many of us just like to max out 1 of everything. (Collecting)


They decided to go a different route by introducing the S class characterS.



How is this post offensive

You mentioned the f-word…​

I don’t see it.

Fl@g is the word you cant use

Maybe in future tone down the colourful language…

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Welcome to the forums game of Who’s on First

Bahaha I got auto fl_gged for quoting OP saying fl_g. This shit is madness

I changed to markers. but we do need to be allowed to use the same word references the game uses

This game lately and the forums remind of the old Drew Carey game show - who’s line is it anyway… Where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter

Seriously though dual specialist…nah scratch that let’s try s class… Wait no let’s try this veteran ring thing… This is worse than trying to figure out where my wife wants to go for dinner


Scopely have a short attention spans hence they only focus on today toons and totally forget about toons from yesterday take axel and Roxie for example

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