Blue magna with stun weapon

Just warred against faction “R E D A R M Y” from server HALE (ES) and player so called MERLE DIXON is using in his team BLUE MAGNA with STUN WEAPON.



Is scopely going to do anything about this???

More than likely not

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Yeah it’ll finally give them the idea to start selling blue stun weapons


this is so blatant

I want one.

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How do they even do this? Unreal

Next thing you know there will be Red weapons with impair and Yellow weapons with taunt… Oh wait :roll_eyes::joy::rofl:

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También. Que no mame como va con full verdes cuando el líder es erika xdddd :vvvv :vampire:

Lol, is there any worse than a hacker who also stupid? :smiley:

I guess we need to find out in the next exciting episode of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival!!!

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