Blue konrad offer

Is it possible to put epic blue konrad with 2collateral damage in offer?

He was for sale a while back. If we can get this post enough attention, I’m sure they would. It will cost about $75-100 though, so be ready for that.


Eant him so bad

I want a green alpha offer

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Dito! Around the price tag they had for Mirabelle and Carl, seems reasonable.

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So, 5$?

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i got him in a Konrad token pull thing. didn’t even expect to get him. he’s fierce in raids with mega attack mods, especially with second attack.

will to pay 300 for blue konard, 1000 for lydia and 20k for alice

make it happen scopey

selling right kidney now

50/50 offer was $30 month ago
50% chance to get Ascendable 5* Blue Konrad
50% chance to get 6* Decap Blue Tyreese

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