Blue kite roadmap

First i wanted to say thank you to whoever put these roadmaps into the game for blue kites and secondly im sure there will be a red kite roadmap coming shortly but come on the odds of getting a kite are extremely low i had 7/10 and now i have 8/10 im not saying just upright give them to us but dont put elite tokens in there knowing that most people will get them instead of a kite im hoping they will bring it back sometime in the future but please give us better odds next time or better rewards



I agree, the elite tokens is a sick joke that nobody is laughing at

It’s what they do, give a small chance at what you want and a large chance at total bullshit. This company is a joke.

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All 3 elite tokens woohoo. Yuck

Meh same old complaints rehashed.

Wouldn’t be some old complaints if the people that actually play their game and see how lame that rng box really is.


Lol i got 5 kites, i think im lucky

Hope the players council can let the game makers know about stuff like that

Player concil? Lmao. Dev’s perfectly know what they have 2 do… milk milk milk. Stop whining and just act: quit this game and les the whales fight among themselves… will be less fun for them

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