Blue Keys when you got Pete

What is the point of getting surplus of keys?

Unlock his hidden Super Nintendo stash.


Get a second one?

One would be nice 4K to go grinding only🤗

is no second one

same point as getting extra blue/red flags/kites when you have the toon already? lol

yes but those i choose to aqquire from roadmap these are rewards from normal gameplay

ehn technically roadmaps are still normal gameplay, but I doubt they will reuse keys for another S class. Would be nice to have an exchange rate between S class collectables even if it was 2:1 type of thing. So 2 blue keys = 1 cake / ice cream / bullet etc


I agree but now all top rewards is keys and when you dont want(need) them why struggle

same part as many others in the game tbh. why struggle for 5* tokens when we have s class etc ?

There i still want that Morgan, here irt is not even a free asc toon from the rewards… So it is a small difference

same here about Morgan, but the odds of it when there are many other toons in the wheel is rough. Mostly was recognising the fact that some people already have every toon in the 5* wheel, ascendable or not, similar to why grind for keys when you can’t use them.

you canm sell your 5* in supply and buy cans for them.
surplus gear to museum you can only hide in your treasurechest

yeah except with basic tokens you have 3-5* a lot and those can be sold for thousands and thousands of SD tokens. 5 cans a week with having to use coins to refresh. Extra gear sits for a while or buy more from the different stores.

see we can decide it is a teeny weeny little difference

it’s an overall flawed system, especially when someone multiple of a toon makes your roster worse in some cases

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @LadyGeek

can you please make it so that all the useless blue keys become boxes with the choice for the other s class items?

#playercounsil help us

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