Blue keys in war crates

Preempting this before next war (which should be this weekend but who knows?) Many players now already have S class Pete which means we are working on other s class toons. The blue keys in war crates are useless for us. Don’t get me wrong, the updated war crates were welcome and necessary; in no way am I knocking it. However, Scopely needs to keep updating these things so they stay relevant, rather than waiting for players to be forced into drastic action like last time.

In place of the blue keys, please can we have a mini choice crate, which 20 of whichever S class collection items we need?

@GR.Scopely Please and thank you


They’ve severely cut back on blue keys already lately. As someone who is close to an S-class Pete it’s been very frustrating that the only source has been the torch roadmap. They need to do more choice boxes rather than swap over to a new collectible.


That’s my point. The choice crate should include blue keys as well as all the other collection items available.

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Ikr and there dropping all over the place now I don’t need them

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