Blue keys drop in crates

Scopely did you removed keys from battle chests or I cant get any because im 1,5k short for pete?

Or maybe its just „ coincidence” and „bad luck with nrg” ?

How about you guys? Got any keys in battle chest?

Yep. Sure did


Ive been getting them.

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It’s still there @RamirezInf … they shud make it a choice box of 20 instead of just 20 keys

I’m getting them.

Im not getting pete but i got around 500 from crates this war

I probably had 140 keys opened from chests.
But I already have S class Pete

They’re there but I do feel as if the drop chance got lowered. Been getting a significant less amount of them

I traded the keys for cakes when they were in the museum. Maybe this triggered an algorithm showing that I wasn’t going for keys, because they are dropping more than ever now. Probably picked up 200+ after reaching about 130k points.

i’m getting them

They definitely rolled down the chances I’ve opened more than a hundred and only gotten about 40 keys. :frowning: that’s why I started collecting for Pete thought it’d be easier cause of war crates. Very disappointed.

I’ve gotten pretty good drops with them. It’s random. Idk. You must just have bad luck. People always say they rolled back chances when they don’t get what they want. :neutral_face:

I’ve mostly gotten 5 star tokens 4 star weapon tokens a few energy refill and the basic 2 tokens :frowning: :frowning: now I have two shaylas 2 axels 2 to rositas :slight_smile:

yeah i got them

Well i got maybe 6x20 keys / 100+ crates

But game knows im closing to pete so…
It was always like that with everything

I got more blue key drops than I ever have, which is typical seeing as this is my first war since I claimed my Pete!

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@RamirezInf Nothing has been changed in terms of chances to get Blue Key dropping from Crates.


Well ok, looks like i had bad luck in this war😉

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