Blue keys and new toons

I 'm in wave 2 and Pete was everywhere.

Guess i got unlucky

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How is it possible to get 2 Pete?

They probably got one when he was on Promo, and another one when his real collection was released.



Or, you know, they got a Russian hook up…

Or players in dead regions. (I have a Pete on my third account since region is so dead lol)

The blue keys need to be changed to a choice box so players who already have Pete can claim a different S Class collectable reward and those who don’t can still get the blue keys.

You have yet to see the three Pete teams out there? If you thought two was enough…

I only seen s class and non s class pete together.

I’m an extremely active f2p with 3k keys to go for the first (and possibly only) Pete. May as well talking in my sleep saying oh yesss 100 more keys! Wow

He was pullable as a 5/6 star at one point

I got 3774 keys for pete. I got 1432 tec 9 shells for raulito then stopped progressing him until someone told me to go for pete. Im gonna get pete than get raulito.

I’m in Morgan. Not sure if its 1,2, or 3. But I saw at least a Pete per war through out. And actually had the misfortune of running into a 2 Pete team. Had 2 Pete’s. Yessir. So I’m not sure how, but there are Pete’s among us.

Where do extra blue keys go

See all of may mensage not put only one part.

Depends what you define by fast I guess. My comment still stands, I got Pete last Monday. Whether that is considered to be fast or not I don’t know. Just saying I’m there without spending.

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