Blue keys and new toons

Hi scopely, now we’re already a lot of players who have get Pete but we still win bleue keys, you should put a new S toon can get with 11k blue keys.
Thanks for reading my message


If you think they are reading your msg you must be pretty new around here…


They read, and have a good laugh…


Or let us trade them for other s class items


Of course they read, they have a community manager. But they can’t answer all. At least, I give them an idea… After, they decide to do or not :blush:

btw in my region i see like 4-5 players who have pete …


Or allow us to claim more than one pete…any blue keys I get now are just vanishing into thin air.


Many of us are still working on Pete. I’m up to 4271 keys. So I will need them to keep coming for some time now at least. Don’t stop giving them out yet.

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Yea it sucks for them who have him but its only a fue that have most of the players still needs the keys so remove them is dumb

But make ppl abule to swap them for something else shud be good

Make a museum collection where you can trade 1000 keys into a choice bag with 300 of the others. Problem solved.


That exchange rate is a bit poor? Lol. But yeah, this

I’m still working on priya and Pete. I’m 300 away from priya and 3k away from Pete. Lol. I hope to get him sometime next year. Lmao. But I got focus rick, disarm Michonne, zander, and Miora to work on until I do. Got to stay busy. I agree. Keep handing then out. I’m in Morgan and a few have Pete. More have Harrison.

H E L L N O.

One ■■■■■■■ pete is enough. Just imagine (just a scenario) vk nibbas buying 55k keys to have a Back to back medic team of revives. I think they had it to where you could of claimed a 6* pete and than a s class pete. The keys can be used for a gear roadmap.

Yeah I’m with this person @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely hardly anyone has Pete…we could do with a bump in blue keys or atleast a change from cakes…getting disheartening.

1000 for 500 maybe, but for 300 I agree with @Moog, that’s way too poor an exchange rate.

Defo all the time the timer is up in the museum your ok, but others are getting cheesed off collecting nothing

Im no have pete anderson yet its to hard to get this blue keys, only pay to play players can get he fast

Where were you this last CRW?

I don’t recall seeing a single faction without four or five players running Pete

Not paid a single dime and I have been enjoying my Pete since last Monday.

I totally agree keys should remain available. As much as I hated trying to break down all these Pete defences this war, I think its only fair everyone gets a crack at him. I just agree there should be some way of dealing with blue keys once you have already claimed him.

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Wave 1 maybe. In wave 2, I saw one Pete the whole war, and I did war a fair bit (but not extremely so, around 180ish k). We ended up around rank 55, but did face a couple of top 10 teams throughout the event (didn’t have time to battle all of them before my camp was down, so the number may be higher, but he still was very rare)

I’ve seen a lot of players with 2 Pete, I don’t know how they managed to claim more than 1