Blue keys access

Please for the love of god, give us more ways of getting blue keys, u could add them in fa, even in the depo, but if the only way possible to get them next month is in war crates… its gonna take 3 fking years at least


Is the s-class rm only temporary? That’s been the totality of my daily log-ins :man_facepalming: I have 25,000 coins but on ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ until I get Pete… thought with roadmaps and war crates I could get him by Christmas lol but now war cancelled next week :rage:

Wow the censored me saying that I refuse to spend my coins haha

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Rm will last tot 30 days, not enough time to come even close to claim Pete

It’s the same as FA Tara.

Just dangling a carrot in front of your face.

Prove me wrong @GR.Scopely

if we manage to get him in 6 to 8 month he still will be pretty strong with his rush and active

6 to 8 months we’ll have 8*s X- Class the way it’s going now

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There is a big „if“ here.

After the 30 day road maps finishes you won’t be at more than 2-3k. If you then manage to score 500 keys per CRW (which most players won’t) that’s a 8-9month minimum.

If you look how rapidly the meta accelerated in the last 6months, he will be as useful as Eric or Gabriel is now.

imho the pace isnt bad. in fact it may be too fast. if people can get an s class free after only several months, many wont bother to pay and pull when the s class is a promo.

pete is alrdy f2p, only a matter of time if u grind it. thats more than good enough

So in 3 years you can field an s class team

Thanks for maths. This needs to be brought up to the counsel

Lol Stunna. Pete isn’t ftp, at least not for months

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“After only several months” :joy::+1:t3:

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Ure fking delusional

That second statement is laughable, give your head a wobble Stunna; he is not F2P :laughing:

I’m sure pete will be a monster in just a few months

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