Blue flags missions is too hard

Am i alone too think that blue flags road Map is really too hard?? Scopely why do you make it too difficult?? I am S10 and since the beginning i have never finished it and never get a blue flags!!!


It is possible and I do like the challenge. Take a tanky team with plenty revives, throw in a decap and maim. Most are just keeping alive - revives. Stage 5 is a timeout team. Maim them down and decap.

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Why struggle for blue flags since Roxie is average at best and don’t worth the effort?


this last was easy. And my strongest toons are yellow and blue. Was easy with the green and the red ones

See what toons your factionmates have and ask them to put them up as supporters for you to help

I find it’s only worth going upto the gold mod box. Any energy used after that is a total waste imo

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The easiest roadmap with flags imo. I struggle more with the red (probably red) one. Brought a red/green team and wrecked it. If you struggle, use greens with stun weapons and use factions supporters that have leader skill

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I finished with an S7++ team, all stun weps and stun/taunt/confuse ARs/active. Keep em all controlled

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I found it pretty easy. Christa, Piper are a big help. Get your faction mates to put up some defense lead chars if you’re dying too fast.

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Bring the red and blue and normal nades, use them and win, ez pz.

My goto team involves a shield, green koa, and a hemorrhage toon. I have 5* green negan . I have Pamela lead for def and hp, it takes time but does the job

Finished it but was a waste of time 222 world energy for 1 blue fLag boo! Down with this sorta thing🤬

Surprised this thread was allowed

It take me some time, but i go with this free noob team: Donny, princess, clementine, green glenn and bruce allen, faction member ideal hershel (revive + ejecutor) This way they will never use any adrenaline rush.

I did it… you have to control them like someone else said. 2 revives help also… so when one goes, you bring them back to life. Stun, taunt and confuse help a lot. Mia got me through with her maim

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