Blue FLA Road map is up

Wonder what is waiting for us at the last 2 stages (s10++)

Stage 2 (sorry I forgot to take a screenshot of stage 1)

It was easy didn’t have to use items or anything. Got 20 blue flags and 500 5⭐️ Tokens.

Stage 4 (forgot stage 3)

What was on stage 5 & 6?

Thats a bad pic on the bottom my fault. Bottom pic is harrison lead, roxie, holly, zander, cole

No problem, it’s Holly and Roxie on top, the rocket guy as lead, zander and Cole at the bottom

Roxie was being a little difficult but kept her stunned and had heal reduction to bring her down.

Struggling to take down Regina in stage 5

Team i used on round 6… 100% f2m…cause I didn’t buy any of those coins …ha


Impossible for F2P. You have some really good teams tho! :ok_hand:


I use a f2p, team, it’s not impossible you just need some faction support

Has anyone beat the blue flag roadmap. I’m stuck on the last 2 stages. Any ideas?

Not impossible…

Wish there was kites :disappointed_relieved:


Because I confusingly posted in the other thread, my advice is here…

I would also add, don’t run alerts…

I did it with my standard red attack team, not F2P but haven’t spent in months:
Alice, Dale, Sandy, Louis, Ajax and then I used a 2nd Alice for support.

Carried all green on last stage diego support. Dante lead green kal alpha shawn and chris

Yeah I ran with alerts not good for this map. All green way to go

not impossible for ftp… pathetic.

gap is growing and a guy with pu-avatar is cheering

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