Blue Eric defense team ideas

Eris as the leader with a second res and a shield what should be in the last slots

Guardian 2, and either a heavy hitter like shiva or another shield/revive

You’re welcome :wink:


I’m using Eric lead, Magna, Holly, Ivanova and Gabriel. Against the top factions you need guardian popping as frequently as possible.

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funny thing is i still never got a guardian 6 star i got a shield and 2 res but no guardian shields

Well Douglas will be ascendable soon, I don’t think he’ll be as good as Holly but he’ll be decent nonetheless.


i know well my plan at the moment is Eric solange koa carl/kenny/shane for healing and when i get a gaurdian 2 they will be in the last slot

This is the defence team I would use but you could replace Kal for the human shield and either hunter or dante for the second eric


This is how I would mod him

Sounds boring like evey other team behind eric. Eric is just to easy of a leader to kill. Seen plenty of erics this crw and none are to strong even with good toons.

He has been a solid lead for me. Pleased with how I have him set up so far.

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Right now I’m building up a f2p team with Eric…

Him as lead with solange, Kenny, Wyatt, and kal… hopefully I’ll be replacing Wyatt with a shield at some point

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5 Erics with Stun Resist/Impair Resist.Please free to plays do this 2 bug my whale best friend :grin:

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I will soon Run
Eric, Violet, Koa, Mackenzie and who ever I find useful for the last slot

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I run this team

What i used to kill erik teams

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well dale can be considered as a cheat :smiley:

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This is my complete f2p team. I was general in all wars I played in this weekend and I defended a lot. Even got into a few wars where the opponenent couldn’t beat me while the rest of my faction was destroyed. I single handed won the war.


Eric: 30 def, huge ap bonus on attack, impair on defend
Viktor: 33 att, huge ap bonus on attack, stun
Solange: 35 def, huge ap bonus on attack, stun
Eugene: 33 att, very large ap bonus on attack, stun
Glenn: 33 att, huge ap bonus on attack, stun

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