Blue Dwight / Alpha meta kill team balance broken again

So, then as I asked earlier, what are your suggestions of a desired weapon for Alpha?

30 crit and 30 atk are no brainers. You do have a debatable slot 3 with raider lvl 3 crit of 35 atk, Dbl atk or Slayer lvl 3 crit of 35 crit.

Personally? I’d go C to get around a 68-70 percent chance of triggering.

Maybe have a def down on other toons for amplify idk. All you need imo is Dwight, Alpha and a cmd. Preferably siddiq but no real reason.

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All in scopely plans to extract money from my pockets. And it’s working LoL

I already love dwight and now you convinced me that alpha is the bride

are you sure weapon bonus is multiplied by post-leader skill calc? that’s giving you a double bonus… i thought it was linear in the sense that weap bonus is multiplied by orignal stat. leader bonus is multiplied by original stat. then all bonus are summed.

Yes, check here:

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It’s pretty stupid really. I mean. Tbh? I doubt scopely even thought of this interaction between the two during design.

Now I feel dumb for pulling Gov and Erika. :confused: and throwing all my 115 DTs and PKs to get stun guns them. (Only got 1 too. Sigh.)

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Unless this is re-balanced, CRW is dead on the vine.

Turn 1 yellow team meta was more common because anyone could make it, Alpha is strickly for whales and super lucky pullers.

But the bottom line is it completely ruins the point of 6* and you may as well post a Burt defense to prevent the Alpha from scoring a lot of points.

@Whizzery thanks for the summary

Compare this to the Zeke guardian 2 meta. If he procs, he blocks damage. If Alpha procs, the RAID IS OVER in 1 hit.

She will proc the same amount I guess as Zeke, so 30% of attacks? or higher? Every 3rd attack, she will wipe the defense no AR needed

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Does this goes towards one shotting Carl teams?

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someone make a video and post it!!!

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Yeah show me the Glory

I don’t see this honestly working like t1 wipe unless you have some crazy weapon which not sure is possible the way I’d want it.

I have alpha and putting a double attack weapon with critical and a critical lead is nice yes. But I don’t think it’s meta breaking lol. It’s a nice counter to guardian. U hit a toon and clears them. Gonna be honest she doesn’t hit as hard as I thought she would. Definitely not meta breaking by any means.


RNG can be a killer though. If that doesn’t work out you’ve pretty much bought in the 6* equivalent of a slower andrea team. I get the possibility of a lot of round one damage, but there’s also the possibility that you’ve gone in with glass cannons who aren’t going to stand up.

offense is already easy.

Alpha is not that amazing.

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Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn’t. The way she goes

The way she goes sometimes too.


I run a team like that (alpha with double attack behind dwight), honestly I wouldn’t consider it to be game breaking. It’s strong, but I only use it against red heavy compositions because otherwise sometimes all alphas collateral damage does is trigger rushes I don’t want to trigger. It’s not my most consistant set up but it does have its place versus red heavy teams. Not nearly as overpowered as this thread suggests. But alpha is really great in general. I think she was really undervalued when she first came out.


I agree she’s more useful then a lot thought. She’s also great for zombie stages and other parts of the game. Sometimes people base their evaluation only on a war aspect.

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Imagine Alpha with a Bonnie lead. She might not be great but imagine the damage that Alpha could do.

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