Blue Dwight / Alpha meta kill team balance broken again


This is going to be a growing problem, right now only people with Alpha have this “meta”

I don’t think I need to explain the concepts, it was obvious as soon as Alpha came out and Dwight 6

Blue +atk and + crit lead with a collateral damage II specialist that is a DPS toon.

Now look at any Mirabelle or Erika lead team, now watch them die instantly


Makes sense lol


Esp aince dwight is the only fixed weapon toon who can be equipped with a seperate weapon


By fixed, you mean bound right? Except, his default weapon isn’t bound to him.


but you cant equip to anyone else…so ita either a fixed default or an improper bound imo


I mean… all default weapons, regardless of bound or not, can’t be used by other characters anyways. This default weapon having special stats doesn’t change how the mechanic works.


This can/could eventually become the next “1st turn rush” meta

Once you guys see Alpha in action with Dwight, you will get your crappin pants on. +40 Crit weapon with a slayer 3 bonus… Game over.

She one shots Erika Andrea used to 1 shot 4*


I had my first “taste” of this during the last CRW. I hadn’t really even noticed Alpha. Then I ran across a defense that had Alpha equipped with the perfect crit/att weapon and good supporting toons. Definitely an overlooked meta.


Making me want alpha over here


i dont have alpha to start. but whats the issue here. if people spent money to get 6* alpha or 5* alpha then ascended her. did the maps to get dwight, used items to upgrade weaps to create a good blue team. why is that an issue? certainly it’s better than every other raid team using Mira, Ty, Abe, Yumi, Siddiq, etc…


I had no issue beating the Dwight/Alpha combo with my Miras


The issue isn’t beating the def. It’s the overwhelming atk power. Granted it’s very weapon based to get max numbers. Which reminds me, can anyone put up max t3 alpha card? :smiley:


Nothing wrong with that. It’s just underrated and these good people are revealing a possible meta to everyone. :smiley:


This is about attack/offense.

Alpha like most blues is just meh on defense.

Did you enjoy the 1st round rush meta? My faction had 25 1st round rush teams and we would win wars in 5 minutes. That’s not a fun meta

Alpha is very similar, wipe in 1.5 rounds a full team of Erika…


So, what’s the best proposed perks for a gun for Alpha with Dwight lead? +40 crit and double attack?


I don’t have her, but the key question is 40 crit vs. 35 crit. How much of a difference does it make? IDK

But collateral 2 splashing 2.5K damage is RIP to most defenses


I don’t have a crit weapon for her, however, I did use the dwight AK and with the 2nd attack proc, it’s nasty.

I can see the concern for this.


Whats the difference between Dwight’s leader skill compared to Barkers Leader skill for yellows? Or is it just the 40% attack that throws it off?


It’s the fact that Alpha has collateral damage v2 which means when she crits, she delivers splash damage up to 4 at 100% damage. The idea is that if she has a high crit weapon with double attack, she can potentially 1 shot Erin/Mirabelle teams with other red supporting toons in a defense making it a turn 1 or 2 attack team behind a Dwight lead who has +36 crit and +40 atk.


Not exactly maxed, but gives you an idea