Blue crit buff leaders

Is there a list? I never got one and I need it! Lol Any suggestions on getting one? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


And douglas gives guardian and crit rush

Thank you. These donโ€™t look possible from 4 star ascendance. Rats! Lol

you cant ascend the leader but you can ascend Lilly she has a 45 AP rush that gives 3 turns of 35 crit. I had to use her with 3* andrea for quite sometime. I know it is not as good as kenny and his 36 crit lead but i did manage before i got dwight.

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Omid also gives blue 24 crit

LE Jesus (from the Dwight/Jesus event)

From ascendance, there is also blue Siddiq 5* - not a crit leader, but his rush gives +50 - and Eric with a +20 rush.

I still need to run 3* Andrea (plus some revivers cause she goes down quickly), no luck ascending Omid or pulling Kenny so far.

Thanks very much everybody. I appreciate all the ideas.

Got lucky and got that Douglas recently and heโ€™s awesome for those restrictive survival levels, a blue guardian that heals and raises crit is godsend.

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does blue jesus not have crit leader skill

4* Anton. Not the best with +16 crit and +20 defense to all ranged but he got the job done.

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