Blue carl when you have a date to the next museum

blue carl when you have a date to the next museum

Wasn’t that Carl put into premier? Should definitely try premier instead of wasting several hundred dollars on 1 character when you can have the chance at more of them in premier.

Errrrr. 3 forty pulls for him would say otherwise :joy::joy:

That’s about what he cost. Though u have alot of 4s fodder for your efforts. We only got mods and legendary medals… Tongue in cheek

Out of the 40 pulls you still get characters (4 stars, 5 stars, maybe even ascendables/legendaries). If you’re gonna go for him with 3 40 pulls I’d hate to imagine what you would do when better characters are released.

Yea but I don’t get him!!

I wanted him real bad for my wayland/Bluechonne attack team. But I didn’t get him. I stopped after 3… that’s the most I’ll go. Just not meant to be.

But that was pre survivor club mess. I’m done. Didn’t even try for Gabriel.

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I’ve been done since the whole promotional offers thing. With each fuck up this company makes it reminds me why I don’t pay anymore.

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