Blue Barker(3y tokens)


Question for the ppl who pulled him from the 3y wheel…whats your opinion on him and do you plan on using him in defence or attack etc


I’m going to ascend him and see if he works in an attack team


U use him on attack.

Andrea, Blue Barker, Bluechonne, Tyreese, siddiq

Turn 3, you use barker active to focus self + 2 ppl, cmd with diq, and kill erika. The ap drain is also very nice, since their is no resistance to ap drain. Then next turn, whoever u gave the 75% ap to rushes. Blue barker + diq is a very devastating combo.


He is awesome on attack. like rhaast mention, the ap drain from the AR is awesome because impair resist doesn’t work against it. Also it help poping slower ars a turn faster, like blue tyresse.

Team I use : revive carl lead, blue barker, marlon, michonne and blue tyresse.

it runs through erika teams very easily


I never got him, but I have got impair when attacking on Kenny’s rifle. Damn!


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