Blowtorch disassembly error?

Just a week since the armory update and I guess there may have been a screw up from day one. How exactly does someone aquire a blowtorch? Under the item in inventory it says you can rarely get them from disassembling epic five star weapons.

Since you forced us to upgrade a now useless unmodified base stat rifle I thought hey, I guess I should disassemble it. Luckily I checked before I did. You forgot to add blowtorches to the possible items you can get from disassembling it.

They’re just not on the list. Visual error or left out?

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Do you need blowtorch if you have Survivor club membership??

Is the free 5* weapon considered epic though?

Yes it does

Is it possible blow torches come from epic melee weapons, not ranged?

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Seeing that they are used as an optional speed up for both ranged and melee it would be hard to believe that would be the case. However, they have done stupider things.

I’m just throwing that out there. I definitely get what you are saying. I honestly have no idea what part does what and what parts are for success or critical bonus, I haven’t looked into 5* weapons yet

They are for speeding up the craft I highly doubt that will be a free farmable item

Then why does it say you can get them from disassembling epic weapons? One of these things is in error but which one? Also, I wouldn’t exactly consider epic weapons free & farmable, 50,000 tokens each is alot.

Do we know yet if blowtorches are or are not supposed to be found through disassembly?

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