Blow torches causing game to reboot

Anyone else having issues with their game rebooting when attempting to craft using the blow torch item?

I can replicate this every time…it only reboots when I use the blow torch to try and skip the craft time.

If I don’t use it my game is fine.


message support

Support is useless


We can’t do anymore than they can

I have encountered the same problem,but if you craft without territory it will be fine, #wierd

It’s only happening for me on a final craft not on the 1st 2 crafts. But it happens everytime on the final craft. Fortunately it doesn’t use up the blowtorch.

Same here. Also unable to crit on anything special with 5* despite territories and varnish. Wasted 5+. Seems highly unlikely to fail that many times but who knows

@Dray @DannyZuko If you could Pm me a video of the issue and your account code so we can have a look at this for you.

Do you need more videos because we have a few people in faction that are having this problem

Same here, made a post about it, messaged support, etc. Getting the run around.

Reaction from support, dont use it

On Pete’s weapon my game crashed, on raulitos weapon it works fine…

Yup. That is the run around we get, forums tell you go to support, support tells you to go to forums, no reason to buy blowtorchs if they wont fix them.

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Simple workaround i found. If game crashes, log back in , take a useless weapon, put the cheapest craft on it, don’t use blowtorch on it and skip
Next craft blowtorch will work


That is a nice trick but we shouldnt have to do that, the game should work as stated.

Of course, just a workaround for those trying to use it until its fixed (never)

I would need the Account code via PM for all the players impacted by this issue and Yes a video would be more than appreciated.


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