Blow torch and noncrits

I know i am part of the worst bucket possible but thought ill ask others…

I’ve used 5 blow torches so far always with weapon crit tts, duct tape etc…

I have been only getting successful result and not a crit one.

anyone have similar experience with blow torches?


I have gotten crit with the blow torch before

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Got a red stun I think 2 days ago with a blowtorch

ty… its good to know its my bucket at work;)


Ive had a few critical successes, but it does seem like crit success rate has been nerfed in general.


i got like 3 or 4 crits in a row

I just used a blow torch on an alert weapon and got 120% to adjancet lol

Armory has always been one of the most aggravating features in this game. Players Gain a huge advantage over others simply because they get luckier. Terrible way to run a game.

Now, they just restarted everyone and now it requires two correct crits per weapon. Piss poor decision.

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I have used 4 or 5 blowtorches, and every time it’s come back successful but never crit successful

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Used 3 blowtorches on pete weapon 3 crits in a row

If you all notice they have changed the crit chance down obvs to 65%:fu:

Lets put one star rating in play store and app store

Ha ha done ages ago😂

Apparently it was always 65% just it showed 85%

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