*Blount* why dont you make 2 wars team in the same time

just fix it i wanted to war too.

you guys earn a lot money.

I would rather have fair match making then have more wars. It’s annoying as hell to face a team that is three times stronger then yours.

If there was a team handy cap to make it some what balanced maybe it would bring back the fun.

Then you could have twelve teams at once. Of make match making a free for all so top levels don’t always face top levels.

If a rank 3 team faces a rank 20 team then there should be a global 20% bonus to all stats or something like that. Then the number 1 team is not always facing the same opponents. It gives a ton more verity. And allows active small factions to be competitive to a degree.

Balance out the teams and match making problems become a thing of the past.

Yes exectly no balance

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