Bloody T-Shirt Collections in the Museum [11/7]

Greetings Survivors,

The release of our newest S-Class Recruit on 11/07 will include the following limited-time changes:

  • Bloody T-Shirts will replace 4* Recruits in the S-Class Recruits Wheel (at a ~63% Appearance Rate)
  • The following collections will be extended through 11/22 12:00 am PST
    • Bloody T-Shirt 1 (Dr. Stevens)
    • Bloody T-Shirt 2 (Mercer)
  • The following collections will have their redemption limits doubled and run from 11/07 5:00 pm PST through 11/22 12:00 am PST:
    • “Bloody T-Shirt 3” awarding a Mystery Bag with a 25% chance at 1 Benedict will resurface as “Bloody T-Shirt 5”
    • “Bloody T-Shirt 4” awarding a Mystery Bag with a 33% chance at 10 Benedicts will resurface as “Bloody T-Shirt 6”
  • Two new Bloody T-Shirt Collections will surface and run from 11/07 5:00 pm PST through 11/22 12:00 am PST:
    • A new “Bloody T-Shirt 7” collection will be added with choices of:
      • 1x Hand Crank Radio
      • 1x Military Watch
      • 3x Weapon Tripod
      • 3x Sports Gauntlet
      • 3x Practice Dummy
      • 3x Knife Sheath
    • A new “Bloody T-Shirt 8” collection will be added with choices of:
      • 1x Canteen
      • 1x GPS
      • 3x Whetstone
      • 3x Double Holster
      • 3x Hockey Mask
      • 3x Magazine Bandolier

Great change, gear shortage is horrible
But miss a buy max from those trainer bags when the other run out :confused:


Only if you spend. It’s not achievable any other way. Would have been a good opportunity to have r shirts available via raid drops or something.


What a bunch of garbage you have to spend for shirts


Getting really tired of having to spend to get anything good esp when your in the shit bucket
and no matter how much I would spend it wont matter I wont ever get doc


Too bad people that already finished with the wheel probably already spend all their unused bloody shirts on stupid burts cause they didn’t know you were gonna make a new collection days later with actual useful stuff


Let players earn the shirts via raid drops or roadmaps.


Thanks for the info when people already spent great work


Obs a good money earner

yeah this is pure for p2p, restricted for f2p :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Why have you been so slow to announce anything really about this wheel?


How is it a great change? Then just diluted the pulls even more with the addition on bloody t shirts. Now you will get less cards on pulls in general for what gear?!

In a way they make you spend more and more and you say good job. Wow.


They changed idiotic 4* to something i actully can use.
I totally dig it

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This is your “attempt” at solving only the spenders threads about the gear shortage. Thank you for ignoring 98 percent of the players. Fantastic.


What happen to the bloody t shirt after the event end? Is it just like our beloved chihuahua plush? Gone wihout even converted into something, or what?

Don’t make my mistake and think they’re the same bloody t shirts you can craft. I stacked my workshops crafting them lol


I doubt anyone but you thought this


Probably. I’d just woken up and only saw the gear.

They need to make them available in other events or rms plus to have doc at 20k in what 6 days is unrealistic unless you drop alot of money and that’s bull everyone should get a shot at him esp since its sclass era and then ive seen alot of lucky people pull him on like 1 or 2 pulls yet I have tried the wheel 12 times by spending coins on them crates and luckily i got 4k 3 times and even at that most whales already have doubles or triples of him so why would they wanna spend more