Bloody Snowballs

i have stopped getting the bloody snowball daily offer few days ago.

is it normal?

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Yes totally normal

No it’s not , I’m still getting them

?? Sorry mate I don’t get your point ? Someone asked something and I answered

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You have a similar colour profile pic I’m guessing the guy above didn’t notice you were a different person. Did it myself at first too. Although I’ve just woke up. Dunno what his excuse is :joy::joy::joy:


Yup sorry :slight_smile:
I deleted my comment sorry.


oh well, i guess it’s only a mediocre legendary, i don’t have enough gears to level up anyways.

thanks for the replies guys.

Have you checked with support? I’m curious if they will cut and paste their “different players get different offers” answer.


54/55 bloody snowballs here :fearful: (iirc there was one day where I didnt get one, a week ago or so). Does anyone know if they gonna continue to drop for the next couple of days?

i don’t even care anymore. the way scopely is running this game, from my own personal opinion, just an opinion, scopely now is selling depot toons for cash, i would think, and it looks to me, that as if it’s the last cash grab before the end.

i don’t know, but that’s just how i feel. it has happened to a couple of other games that i played before, the game companies had these crazy sales just before they went belly up. the players from one of these games actually complained to iTune, and iTune asked the game to refund the money.

but anyways, the first amendment, and it’s purely my speculation based on my past experience.

merry x’mas ya’ll.


Me too it s kind of weird since I have been connect everyday and take all snowball

Same here

Its only possible to have 54 free ones right now. Number 55 drops tonight at 7 pm est


Im expecting an opps we forgot and a sorry the event is over, nothing we can do, here is an offer we made just for you :grin:

Containing 2 Grenades, 1 Bloody Shirt and a 3* Doug. Merry Christmas :smiley:

I will take everything except for the xmas thing as i dont celebrate it and the others would be more than expected from them cause at this point i expect more rollbacks :rofl:

They will continue to drop till the end of December.

Thanks, LadyGeek.

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That’s for the free revive