Bloody pillow milestones

Will these later be added in level up milestones like you all did with quills in the princess event? Just wondering

No chance

doubtful since they are selling them

They were also selling quills

If you read the blurb, there’s no mention of them being available anywhere else.

The event was totally different setup

It’s the premium section of the event like all the other events lately and no they aren’t going to give them for free

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still different, you needed to save multiple quills to unlock x or y - and scopely I don’t think counted on players saving them in the inbox so they did not expire. This also has a premium and f2p mission - so it is ‘expected’ to spend a bit to get it

Not a chance

They really should. Instead of being 2.1 mil it should be 1.1mil

Deadass if they do add pillows in level ups scopely starting to change if not? They still greedy bags.

They could easily do solo or faction events that give those items for the top 3 spots. They won’t be giving up too much revenue doing that and ppl will probably end up spending more to get into the top 3 imo

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