Blocking not working again


have that admin blocked and someone else and can see everything…fix please


Everytime there is an update the blocks get reset so you will have to reblock them. It is annoying and does need to be fixed though I agree


The block reset does happen but the admin is another story… the bot gets banned eventually and a new account just gets created. So you’re never get rid of admin’s messages is basically what I’m saying.


I’ve been around long enough to know to try that…still not working…went as far as unblock, exit, restart phone, block, exit, restart phone…target remains…


Hey all, just so you know, those are bots and not the same account, you can block them, but it’s a different account that shows up the next time. I hope that helps and at this point you just have to roll with the punches until Scopely can block them.


I finally don’t see admin anymore


Only six ? I saw people having 50-60+ admin blocks.