blocked facebook

My Facebook account has been blocked, can I bind to another account?

Nope. Once an account is bound it is bound forever with no way to switch. I have also lost my Facebook account so you have to message in game support with your account code and a recent receipt if you wish to switch devices.
If only there was an external account associated with scopely that could be bound instead of Facebook :thinking:

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Stop being logical!

Not everyone uses Facebook either. If I want to close down my account, I have to reopen just for this game… seems right

I’m not even sure where this thread is going but it is straight b******* that scopely has any connection to Facebook like it does it literally puts our games in their hands then makes us play games with scopely to get our game back when Facebook decides to close an account because it doesn’t think it’s real what will happen if Facebook actually closes because of their negligence and future issues. It’ll come down to where we have to pay to get our game back, I guess I’m almost surprised you don’t already do that in some way blaming the user

Hardly unblocked the account, it’s very long time has been answered by support.
it would be correct to enter the game in two ways
1 quick access via facebook
2 personal login password

You should have an unlink option in options

ummm… I unlinked my account and bound it to a new FB?

This thread is 7 months old.

yeah yeah yeah…lol I got old thread trolled …