Block/Hide user option

@kalishane One thing I really miss about the old forums is that there you had an ability to hide posts from specific users. So if you found someone’s posts to be without value, you could hide them and never be annoyed again.

Can y’all please look at getting something like this added to these forums? It’s a huge downgrade to me to not have this feature.

I think others might agree.


We need this. As there’s a certain person (who I shall not name so don’t want a 3 page response from) that is ruining this forum for everyone


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

I agree, because I really want to block these 2 people myself, and OP made this thread after replying to me on another thread, and me and Gabe have had our differences since the beginning of this forum. So please add it if you can @kalishane and I am not ruining the forum for everybody else, you have this evidence Shane and you can see I am not ruining the community for everyone else, just because people don’t agree with my posts they claim I am ruining the forum for everyone else, and these are the people that post negative stuff daily.

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Did you just come here to crush my hopes? :disappointed_relieved:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I had a bad feeling this might be a discourse thing. Talk about a glaring oversight. Imagine the mod hours that could be saved with such a simple, elegant option.


Could all be resolved with one permenant IP ban…


You have given me much to think on. I’ll reply at a later point. Thanks!

The fact that you even know how many posts he made today is ridiculous. Give it a rest. Stop standing up for scopely. Hey can do that themselves.


Come on man, that’s offensive and harsh. Mentally disabled people are cool and smart as hell, so I think you gave him a good complement. I even have friends with disability. Just be nice bro, and don’t reply back to him if you feel annoyed. Smh… :hushed:


The old forum was so much better and user friendly. Unlike the game nowadays.

Now you sound like lori. She wrote me a message on the old forum asking me that same thing and you guys aren’t asking me that because you are seriously wanting to know or concerned for me or anything. you are also out of line. i am gonna do you and the gang a favor and I am going to stay off the forum for a week. you are still going to complain daily, and so are the usual suspects, you are going to say all the wrong things to other people on the forum and continue to get flagged and you are going to earn yourself a ban all by yourself with no help from me at all.

you dont know how to behave well and it is hard for you to understand that you are the bully in this situation, along with a group of other people that act the same way as you. so i will see you in a week if you are still here, and the terms of this agreement are that when i return in a week, you and the other gang of bullies will stop harassing me, flagging my comments, and insulting me.

let me share my damn opinions and stop shitting on me so much. go complain as much as you want on all the threads you want, you don’t see me insulting and harassing you the moment you share your opinions or targeting you. you all need to cut it out. and to go as far as wanting a block/hide user option further proves the point that you guys cant ignore someone that has opinions different from yours. I do it every day, up until the point where people target me and want to call me out on the forum, and I tell them to take it to PM, and everyone I have told to take it to PM have yet to reply back to me.

and see, you are doing the same thing to @EndureAndSurvive9, picking on him too for backing me up and telling you that you are out of line. you are going to earn yourself a ban all on your own. see you in a week when i come back.


You’re doing a great job in this forum and I cannot understand why people view your opinions in a negative way.

Please disregard the efforts made to exile you from this forum, i hope you stay through this next week and for many weeks to come.

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I think most would agree that only 1 person needs to be permanently banned to fix this. They even made a secondary account during a temp ban thats reason enough…


I’m confused. Are you having a go at me or highlighting how much of an idiot he is? And are you accusing me of complaining when I complain about complainers?

I’m lost.

Haha no worries. I know I can be a pain in the ass, it’s good to know I’m not there yet!

Hi I’m new to the forums and just catching up with what’s going on, but from what I have read that Gabeharley guy is a hero among men for getting rid of that annoying guy. God bless you sir. Oh and can I have tree fiddy?


Lol there was this episode of black water (I think that’s the name) where someone could get filtered out in real life and not be seen by who blocked them. And if it was a really bad act, they would get blocked by society and not be able to see more than static.

This would be a worse fate than just being banned. Thinking you are responding but no one can see what you post. Without the response attention they would just inevitably let it be. But they’d need to not know this was happening, alas the internet allows for ease of making new accounts (unless you had to link it to your game account :wink: and had reasonable requirements)