Blitz Wars never to return?

Serious question, @JB.Scopely , I hope you take time to answer.

Are Blitz Wars scuttled? Are they no more??

I am pretty certain a large percentage of the player base would appreciate a Blitz War or two. You know, instead of yet another level up tourney?

With the way the Meta is and the cost of a tricked out squad, the game is analogous to buying a Lamborghini and modifying it just to leave it in the garage.

Raids are broken…
OnSlaught is trash…
Survival road is an autoplay fest for the majority…
Level ups (especially with NO ROADMAPS) are torture.

We want more wars.
Listen to your playerbase. More. Wars.


Blitz wars are so random. There’s been times when they were regular on off war weeks. Then they disappear for months. God forbid they break up the level up/raid/Sr to add blitz. Tbh i think they limit blitz because people could actually farm cans during and we don’t want that now do we

Blitz also used to be used in the past post updates to make sure there were no bugs before aow/crw. Now they just shorten war weekends and release updates on the weekends :unamused:

I’d rather do Onslaught than Blitz war, to be honest. No need to get 8 people online at the same time during slow times or fight for a spot in queue during busy times. Hit when you have a chance, ignore when you don’t, try different attack teams without the speed pressure.

The main reason players ask for Blitz wars is to farm cans. I’d rather spend a few bucks on cans and play Onslaught for free mods than spend a few bucks on mods and farm cans in Blitz.


Agreed , but I would really appreciate it if they made onslaught drop war cans instead lol , i know it doesn’t make sense but it’s scopely after all :laughing:

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Ive never seen a 8vs8 blitz… at the very least its not the norm.

And as they always say, play when you can, when you can’t, don’t. After all 20k milestone is easy and quick to achieve.


Generally blitz war is 6V6 much much better seeing as onslaughts shit the day it released I did a match after that never done a single hit asnits just shit

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Blitz wars are 6 v 6, so not everyone has to camp out and wait. It’s been my experience in multiple regions and factions that no matter what time of day, or day of the week, it’s easier to have 6 out of 30 active in game than 8. I know, 2 people doesn’t seem like much, but it is.

And spending a few bucks for mods in Onslaught is a joke. It’s RNG roulette for the mods anyway…and why do we need mods? For pvp activity because 95% of the roadmaps are cake walks for veteran players. We don’t have world maps, ever, so most of the time it’s just farming. At least with a Blitz there is some variation of activity.

And that is the final point. This game is boring. People are staying for the community aspect, the shame of spending copious amounts on what ultimately amounts to nothing, and the hope, no matter how slim, that the game will get “fun” again. Level ups aren’t fun. Neither is Onslaught. War is.

I am stunned this is a hard concept to grasp…


Would love to see war cans and Sr cans anywhere in depots or drops from onslaught/raids/etc won’t happen tho
Blitz requires 6 to start isn’t bad and lower factions can handle it. Would love blitz

I would agree with this if there where milestones in onslaught and event tokens for rewards or other things but until then I would have to disagree with you

Blitz > Onslaught by me…much better rewards usually and more fun
onslaught is pretty same as raids and rewards suck there

If onslaught had milestones maybe but they don’t there is no goal line to reach for it also takes to long were blitz wars are 6v6 easier to fill milestones lower 20,000 war time is shorter. 3 til 4 wars you’ve hit all the milestones so even if u have work school whatever this is easy to do. Onslaught doesn’t feel like a faction event or even a solo one for that I see no benefit to it.

The reason why I want blitz back is simple. It gives out better prizes for a shorter period of time, that keeps me interested.

What about the people who work on weekends? Ignore that portion of the game player base because its not you??

And if the fact you get to play the game without the “pressure” and time constraint of cooperative wars, then find another game. Onslaught is TERRIBLE. NO milestones, no action log, no standings … nothing! Just a raid that doesn’t cost a can to do. Its lazy design, and lazy programming.

You folks who say Onslaught is better are delusional.

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