Blitz Wars, Blitz wars!


Can we please have more Blitz wars? Less Level up events, more Blitz wars please. Hey, how about a blitz war this weekend? One of the most enjoyable events in the game and we all have a 1% chance of getting one and a 95% at another level up.


I enjoy your alliteration and agree with a War Wednesday


Yes please, more war less level ups.


Who cares about wars when everybody is getting banned?


I keep trying to get banned, but I just get ignored…


Yes please more Blitz Wars. Level Ups are too often and totally boring.


Instead of adding a 24 hour Blitz, we had another solo SR added. Can someone ever answer the question why? SR tourneys are not compelling, competitive or fun for that matter. Two shortened war events a month with a level up or two every week is horrible.

I can even accept we can’t have “All out War” or CRW’s every weekend, but what is the reasoning we can’t have just a few more Blitz in a month??




No. A lot of people need level up


A new event to fill the time would be interesting. Something like a special event faction assault would be really cool.


Crack open some of those special territories


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